In the fall of 1970, fears of hijackings increased, and the US government made plans to ensure aviation security.

At that time, Jocelyne, 23 years old, was in charge of the economy class cabin.

Jocelyne became a flight attendant for Pan American World Airways immediately after graduating.

After boarding the plane, the CIA employee in the economy class introduced himself as Tyler Harding.

Tyler cannot reveal his identity.

As the plane glided over the ocean, Jocelyne and her colleagues began serving dinner.

But Jocelyne, in that moment, felt strangely certain and certain about the inevitability of marrying Tyler.

Tyler said he was not a passenger and even showed her his passport, as well as being single.

The love story of a flight attendant and a passenger who boarded the plane late

After only half a year from the day they met, Jocelyne and Tyler got married, then moved to Germany.

Jocelyne was relieved, but still wary about going on a date with someone she barely knew.

As the plane was about to land in New York, Jocelyne once again served drinks to the passengers.

She quickly grabbed a cloth napkin from the back of the plane and gave it to him.

Jocelyne chats with colleague Mala serving first class.

The love story of a flight attendant and a passenger who boarded the plane late

Jocelyne (red shirt) and colleague Mala – who was on the fateful flight.

Earlier that night at the party, Jocelyne felt uneasy when she couldn’t see Tyler.

That Christmas, Tyler went to JFK airport to meet Jocelyne with an engagement ring.

By March 2021, Jocelyne, 74, and Tyler, 80, have been together for half a century.

Besides their two daughters, Jocelyne and Tyler now have five grandchildren.

Currently, the pandemic forces the entire family to live in America.

Tyler now has some memory problems, but he still clearly remembers that momentous flight from Paris to New York in 1970. `I saw this cute girl and she treated me terribly,` he said.

`It’s been an amazing journey, I wouldn’t trade it for anything,` Jocelyne said.