Known as one of the tourist paradises in the world, visitors always have many interesting options to explore when coming to Thailand, especially the capital Bangkok.

1. Chao Praya River

At night, the capital Bangkok becomes more special when viewed from the river.

One of the most enjoyable experiences in Bangkok at night is relaxing on the boat along the Chao Praya River and sipping a cocktail or light snacks.

2. See the city from above

Ideal night out spot in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok sparkles with light as viewed from a bar on the roof of a building.

One of the best ways to explore a city at night is to take in panoramic views from the highest point.

3. Night markets

Ideal night out spot in Bangkok

Siam Paragon is known as the place that wastes the most money for tourists when they cannot stop shopping.

The most interesting thing in Bangkok for most tourists is shopping.

The most prominent address is the Patpong area located on Silom Street, where many large and small shops and brands are concentrated and are branches of many famous retailers.

4. Relax at night bars

Known as the city that never sleeps, when night falls, many bars in Bangkok also sparkle with lights.

5. Jazz bar

Ideal night out spot in Bangkok

Jazz bars in Bangkok are where artists and music fans gather every night.

In contrast to the noise of nightclubs, tourists who like peace in Bangkok can go to jazz bars and immerse themselves in a separate world.

6. Chinatown

Ideal night out spot in Bangkok

You can find many Chinese dishes in Chinatown and enjoy them all night long.

This location includes the main street of Yaowarat and many alleys and alleys lined with a variety of shops.