(Dan Tri) – Winning the lottery is a lucky thing that not everyone can have.

`Burned` nearly 10 million pounds in 10 years, working as a garbage collector

Mr. Carroll returned to work as a garbage collector 10 years after winning the lottery (Photo: Complex)

In 2002, young British man Michael Carroll won the lottery worth 9.7 million pounds at the age of 19.

Carroll continued to buy lottery tickets and checked the results every day in the hope that his luck would continue to come to him.

Carroll didn’t want to quietly spend that money alone.

Carroll spent £1.5 million on drugs and alcohol;

Carroll also spent 1 million pounds on his favorite team through betting.

Now in his 30s, Carroll looks much older than his real age due to the side effects of drugs.

Living in a mobile home after winning the lottery twice

People who quickly go broke after winning the lottery

Mobile home of Evelyn Adams (Photo: Complex)

Evelyn Adams lives in New Jersey (USA) and is a very lucky woman.

However, instead of using the money wisely or investing it in something, Adams `broke` it all in a casino near Atlantic City.

Callie Rogers: Sinking in debt when she was in her early 20s

People who quickly go broke after winning the lottery

Callie Rogers was in debt at the age of 22 (Photo: Complex)

When she won $3 million in the lottery, Callie Rogers was just a 16-year-old British girl with a normal life.

6 years later, Rogers was in debt when he was just 22 years old and burdened with many worries.

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