Jinan fortunately escaped ISIS’s slavery network.

Jinan, a Yazidi, was captured by Islamic State (IS) militants last year, when the terrorist organization overran villages in northern Iraq, according to AFP.

`They tortured and tried to convert us. If we did not obey, people would be beaten, tied up in the hot sun, forced to drink dirty water containing dead rats. Sometimes, they even threatened to torture us with electricity.`

Jinan was visited many locations, before being sold to two men, one used to be a police officer and the other was a Muslim leader.

`Those guys are not human when they only think about killing and constantly use drugs. They want revenge on everyone and even claim that one day IS will dominate the world,` Jinan

IS publishes price list for sex slaves

In the city of Mosul, Jinan was once led to a large room, where there were dozens of other girls in the same situation.

`Big breasts, but I want a Yazidi girl with blue eyes and slightly pale skin. Those are the best models and I’m willing to pay a high price,` one guy said.

In the slave market, Jinan had seen gunmen from Iraq, Syria and the West, but she didn’t recognize their nationalities.

In exchanges and sales, merchants acted as intermediaries between slave owners and buyers.

How IS operates a sex slave network

After secretly taking the key and trying to escape, Jinan found a way to return to her husband.

`We may face other dangers if we go home. The only way to be safe is to live in a place reserved for ourselves, under the protection of the international community,` Jinan said.

According to AFP, what went through with Jinan is recreated in the book she wrote titled Daesh’s Slave, with the help of French journalist Thierry Oberle.

IS sex slaves are treated like cattle in the market

Women in a refugee camp in Dohuk, Iraq.

Thuy Linh