`I saw many young people with severe burns. I cannot describe the pain of not finding my children. There were 200 people in the hospital, while the cruiser crew had more than 500 members. So these

Yegor was in charge of cooking on the cruiser Moskva, the ship that had a fire and explosion incident in the Black Sea on April 13.

The Russian Ministry of Defense initially announced that `all sailors` on board the Moskva had been evacuated after the ammunition depot exploded, but the statement later deleted the word `all`.

Ms. Irina said local security officials and the commander of the Black Sea fleet refused when she begged to see the list of sailors killed or missing on the Moskva cruiser.

Sailor Yegor Shkrebets (right) takes a photo with his father.

The mother of another sailor on the flagship Moscow told the independent Russian news site Novaya Gazeta that her son, who survived the explosion and is being treated at the hospital, had said that about 40 comrades were killed.

`My son cried when he called me to tell me about what he witnessed. It was horrifying. Obviously not everyone can survive,` the anonymous woman shared.

Many parents whose children are sailors on the flagship Moscow also took to social networks in the hope of finding their children.

Russian mothers search for their children after the Moscow flagship sank

Crew members of the Moscow ship at the military port of Sevastopol, Crimea during the ceremony on April 16.

`My son is on the list of missing sailors,` Ms. Anna said, saying she had not received any notification from the authorities.

It appears that only one death on the Moscow flagship has been confirmed by Russian officials.

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video over the weekend showing that the crew on the flagship Moskva had returned to base, but the number of sailors is said to be only half of the original number of 500 people.

Russian mothers search for their children after the Moscow flagship sank

Russian mother searches for her child after the Moscow flagship sinks

Video suspected of being the cruiser Moscow after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

This incident is considered a serious loss for Russian forces, because the Moskva cruiser is the most powerful surface warship in the region, serving as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet and participating in military campaigns.