Maxar’s satellite images published by NDTV on November 23 show many newly built fortified ammunition bunker-like structures in Chinese-controlled areas near the border with Bhutan.

Satellite photos from December 2019 showed that the ammunition bunkers had not been built.

The construction site could be a Chinese ammunition bunker near the border with Bhutan.

Military experts say the construction of ammunition bunkers shows that the Chinese military has increased its ability to prepare military forces in the area.

`This is a worrying development, especially after China built a village on the other side of the border with Bhutan, and could increase tensions in the Doklam area again,` expert Tack said, suggesting

China says Pangda village is on its territory, but Bhutan denies and claims the village is on their land.

China is suspected of building ammunition bunkers near the disputed plateau

The location of the area that could be China’s newly built ammunition depot and Pangda village is controversial.

Construction activities take place in the context of border tensions between India and China that show no signs of cooling down.

Satellite images also show a road leading from the ammunition bunker to Sinche-La Pass, then connecting to an all-weather road built by China on the Doklam plateau.

China has not commented on information that it built an ammunition bunker near the disputed area.

Sino-Indian tensions have flared up in Doklam since mid-June 2017, when the Chinese military sent engineering forces and machinery into the disputed area in the plateau between Bhutan and China to build projects.

China is suspected of building ammunition bunkers near the disputed plateau

Disputed areas on the India-China border.

India then deployed several hundred soldiers to Doklam to confront Chinese soldiers.

Experts say the Doklam crisis in 2017 `seemed to change China’s strategic goals`, causing them to `double the number of air bases, air defense positions and heliports near the Indian border.`