For Craig Farley-Jones, who was treated for Covid-19 at Ashton-under-Lyne town hospital, in the Tameside region, Greater Manchester county, the heartbreaking images above will haunt his mind for the rest of his life.

`Everyone in the ward looked like they were dead, but the man in the bed across from me, about 65-70 years old, seemed relaxed and talked a lot, even though he was on maximum oxygen support,` Farley-

However, just later that day, Farley-Jones saw the man begin to panic and couldn’t breathe.

`I saw him struggling so I called the nurses, but they couldn’t calm him down. The situation had changed and there was no going back to the way it was before. They gave him something to calm him down and called

Craig Farley-Jones, who has recovered from Covid-19.

The patient’s children were then present.

`He was screaming, calling out each family member’s name while still struggling to breathe,` Farley-Jones said.

Farley-Jones understood that in the last moments of his life, that man suffered not only physical pain but also mental pain.

Even though he had no underlying medical conditions, there was a time when Farley-Jones thought he was going to die.

Farley-Jones was transported to the hospital with difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

`When I got to the hospital, I thought I was safe. But I still couldn’t breathe. When the oxygen was pushed to the maximum, it was a very scary moment. Even a few days later, when I felt better

After 6 days of fighting nCoV, he was discharged from the hospital on April 5.

`People need to understand that when you are infected with nCoV and are admitted to the hospital, all the doctors and nurses can do is remove the infection that comes with the virus so you have the best chance of fighting it.`