– At the end of 2015, he suddenly announced that he had his first son.

– Before, I lived an extravagant, extreme life, doing whatever I wanted.

It’s a fact that I sing better than before.

Singer Tung Duong.

What do you like most about boys?

– I love everything about my son.

– How did you prepare to become a father?

– The baby was born earlier than the doctor expected, so I was confused about everything.

What is the image of Tung Duong’s father at home?

– I woke up at 5am to make milk for my baby.

– How does being a judge on The X-Factor affect the time you spend with your children?

– I was a bit reckless when I accepted to be a judge when my son was still too young.

Before, I understood that every parent worries about their children, but I couldn’t measure the pain and love of my parents for me.

Tung Duong: 'Having children makes me less arrogant'

Tung Duong said his son has the same face as him.

– How do you share about your life partner?

– I appreciate her sacrifice in my life.

– What about your wedding plans?

– I think the wedding is just a formality.

– How many children do you plan to have?

– I also like a house with many children.

Tam Giao