The Fast and the Furious (2001) is the first film in the Fast & Furious series.

Paul Walker

Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) is the main character in The Fast and the Furious.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s separation scene in `Furious 7`

Although not highly appreciated for his acting, Paul Walker conquered the audience with his romantic appearance with blonde hair and blue eyes.

On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker and his longtime friend Roger Rodas died in a car accident on the way back from a charity fundraising event.

Early 'Fast & Furious' stars: Some became famous, some died because of speed

Bad actor Paul Walker

When he passed away, the actor had not yet finished filming Fast & Furious 7. Some of his images in the movie were recreated using special effects and stunt actors – including his two younger brothers.

Four years after Paul Walker’s death, Vin Diesel still choked up when sharing about his late colleague at the premiere of Fast & Furious 8: `I always feel he is still watching over us. Part of our legacy.

Vin Diesel

The actor plays Dominic Toretto – a monster driver with a careless personality, reckless but respectful of love.

Early 'Fast & Furious' stars: Some became famous, some died because of speed

Dominic betrays his teammates in season eight

Vin Diesel is the face associated with the Fast & Furious brand.

For more than two decades, the 49-year-old actor has built the image of a muscular hero on the silver screen.

Early 'Fast & Furious' stars: Some became famous, some died because of speed

Vin Diesel in 2001

Vin Diesel is a secretive star with the media.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty – Dominic Toretto’s girlfriend.

Early 'Fast & Furious' stars: Some became famous, some died because of speed

Letty revives in season six

The actress born in 1978 is associated with the image of a strong, thorny female character.

In 2009, Rodriguez participated in Avatar – the best-selling blockbuster of all time – as a female pilot on the side of the aliens.

Early 'Fast & Furious' stars: Some became famous, some died because of speed

The actress is always hot and strong on the silver screen.

In 2001, Michelle Rodriguez dated Vin Diesel.

Jordana Brewster

Neither Jordana Brewster nor lead actress Michelle Rodriguez knew how to drive when the first part of The Fast and the Furious started filming.

Jordana Brewster is seductive in the series

After Mia married Brian O’Conner, she only appeared sparingly in episodes six and seven.

Besides the Fast & Furious series, Jordana Brewster does not have any outstanding movies.

Jordana Brewster is a seductive pink figure throughout the series.

Originally a model, Jordana Brewster has appeared many times on lists of the most beautiful people in the world.

Rick Yune

In the first part of the Fast & Furious series, the villain is a Vietnamese named Johnny Tran, living in Little Saigon (California, USA).

Rick Yune is pitted against Vin Diesel

In addition to acting, he is a martial artist who qualified for the Olympic Taekwondo competition.

Rick Yune in `Olympus Has Fallen`

The actor’s most recent movie is Olympus Has Fallen (2013).

Matt Schulze

The actor born in 1972 plays Vince – the driver and childhood friend of Dominic Toretto.

In the fifth part Fast Five, this character is married and lives in Rio de Janeiro (the capital of Brazil).

Matt Schulze in `Fast Five`

In addition to the Fast & Furious series, Matt Schulze has appeared in the hit movies Blade, Blade II and The Transporter.

In 2013, in an interview on Celebuzz, Schulze expressed his love for his newborn son and said he wanted to turn to the Broadway musical stage and write a script for a historical television series.