Sympathizing with the story `At 28 years old, I felt like a failure`, reader Kim Huynh shared her own success lesson:

`I studied well at university but returned home to earn 2-3 million VND/month (now 5-6 million VND). When my friends heard the story, they were shocked because people studied like me but were paid 7-8 times less than me.

But I have `one main job, three or four side jobs`, my family is still complete despite going through a few problems, people around me also admire, even envy, even though my family lives simply, without showing off.

If you have decided to work in your hometown to be close to your family, then stick to that direction.

Assessing the self-esteem mindset of many young people, reader Vu Thi Yen said that success does not come from comparing yourself with others:

`In everyone’s life, don’t compare anyone to anyone, just compare yourself today to see if it’s better than yesterday in all aspects or not. As for career, fame, and economics, that’s okay.

Meanwhile, LCHT readers emphasized the importance of learning to be satisfied and accept reality for future development:

`I’m not good at anything, I’ve just been through the same amount of time as you so I want to give you a few suggestions:

1. You may still be at a loss, weak or this or that, but above all you are a filial son (by accepting to leave your job in the city and return to the countryside), that is enough.

2. If you want to escape this inhibiting situation, stop comparing.

3. There are many ways to release that feeling of inhibition, such as participating in community activities or playing sports. These are effective ways to relieve stress and eliminate negative thoughts.

4. No one loves you more than your loved ones and yourself.

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