In fashion history, controversial trends are not uncommon.

But no matter what, Crocs is still a phenomenon of modern fashion and does good business.

Selling ugly but expensive shoes

Crocs was born in 2002, after a trip to Mexico by co-founders Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson and George Boedbecker Jr.

The shoes are made from Croslite, a new type of plastic that is lightweight and odor-resistant.

A Crocs shoe model.

The shoe became a favorite of chefs, gardeners, nurses and children, but quickly attracted celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Oprah and Michelle Obama.

Idiocracy (2006) director Mike Judge said costume designer Debra McGuire decided to have the characters wear Crocs because they were `horrible plastic shoes` that no one in their right mind would buy.

In 2010, Time magazine listed Crocs as one of the 50 worst inventions.

Nowadays, celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Kendall Jenner all wear Crocs.

According to Lucy Thornley, Crocs’ global vice president of trends, consumer, design and product, there are two reasons why even though the shoes are not beautifully designed, they are considered interesting and cool to buy.

Second is success in the design stage.

Christopher Kane adjusted Crocs’ classic design from practical to more trendy, giving the brand a highlight that attracts more customers.

Crocs shoes - 'bad invention' makes billions of dollars

Justin Bieber took a photo wearing Crocs.

After collaborating with Christopher Kane, Balenciaga literally took Crocs to the next level, releasing $850 pairs of the design.

The company also forged countless brand partnerships, including KFC, MSCHF, Lisa Frank, Barbie, Benefit Cosmetics, Hidden Valley Ranch, General Mills and Clueless.

But things haven’t always been easy for Crocs.

Another challenge is that the company has a large number of haters.

This strategy works.

In recent years, Crocs’ business situation has been more favorable.

And at that stage, Crocs has a golden opportunity to convince those who previously hated it.

Personalized `weapon`.

Besides flexibility and comfort, one of the things that makes Crocs popular is that the wearer can easily decorate it themselves to express their style and personality, unlike customers who are likely to be `confronted`.

In 2005, Crocs sold 6 million pairs.

Crocs shoes - 'bad invention' makes billions of dollars

Crocs shoes with Jibbitz attachment.

Crocs wearers also do not have to buy genuine Jibbitz, the round holes on this type of shoe allow them to decorate anything they like to personalize.

One Halloween, content creator Tina Estrella decided to decorate her Crocs with this theme.

During the epidemic season, Crocs conquered more people.

But no matter how much it is loved or hated, Crocs is still on a good growth path.