Mr. Duc advised and encouraged the players this morning at the Royal Naypyitaw Hotel, Myanmar.

There has been no official title yet, but U19 Vietnam is loved by most fans for its carefree, pure and beautiful playing style.

`During the recent match against U19 Australia, I saw a player arguing and arguing with the referee. If this happens again, I will be kicked off the field immediately. Arguing with the referee is an uneducated act, I will never

`You are loved by millions of people, but there are also many people who do not want us to succeed. That is a small part. Please ignore all praise and criticism to focus on your mission. The path

Mr. Duc: 'If anyone kicks badly or argues with the referee, I will expel him'

Mr. Duc held a meeting to instruct U19 Vietnam not to play dirty

Among the 23 players of Vietnam’s U19 team participating in this tournament, there are 13 people from HAGLArsenal JMG academy.

Discussing with coach Guillaume Graechen, Mr. Duc said: `The coaching staff must carefully calculate the strength for each opponent. All the teams here are ‘all the same’, we don’t look down on anyone and don’t look down on anyone.

Mr. Duc: 'If anyone kicks badly or argues with the referee, I will expel him'

Mr. Duc told the players to play beautifully, anyone who played badly would be kicked off the field.

Finally, the famous businessman emotionally said: `If you have 23 people and make millions of people happy, why don’t you continue doing it?

U19 Vietnam is in Group C with U19 Japan, U19 Korea and U19 China.

At 3:30 p.m. this afternoon, October 9 (local time, 4 p.m. Hanoi), the team kicks off against defending champion U19 Korea.