Time out

Man Utd won their fourth consecutive match, also ending Arsenal’s five-match winning streak.


Ronaldo got angry

Ronaldo hit the wall for Fred to escape into the penalty area, then the midfielder crossed for Fernandes.

The 37-year-old superstar kicked the water bottle away, looking angry.


Smith-Rowe shot over the bar

Ronaldo made a mistake and let Arsenal counterattack.

eighty seven’

Saka received a yellow card

The Arsenal midfielder kicked Malacia’s leg when he tackled the ball late, causing the referee to immediately issue a yellow card.

eighty six’

Fabio Vieira volleyed over the bar

Arsenal’s rookie midfielder volleyed from outside the penalty area, sending the ball flying to the top corner but slightly high.


Casemiro lost the ball dangerously

The Brazilian midfielder just entered the field, caught the foul ball and was robbed by Vieira.


Maguire and Casemiro entered the field

Rashford and Lisandro Martinez left the field.


Rashford scored twice

Fernandes waved his outside cheek and poked Eriksen through the offside trap, escaping into the penalty area and facing goalkeeper Ramsdale.

Rashford scored on all three goals in this match.


Jesus missed the post

The Brazilian striker received the ball in the penalty area, turned and curled it to the far corner.


Fernandes squandered the opportunity

Goalkeeper Ramsdale made a dangerous pass mistake, letting the ball go to Fernandes.

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Man Utd is ranked eighth in the Premier League with nine points, from three wins and two losses.

Man Utd knocked down Arsenal

Midfielder Bruno Fernandes at Old Trafford.

Man Utd’s attack has only scored five goals, fewer than the team at the bottom of the table Leicester.

Arsenal is one of two teams that are winning all the top five European tournaments, besides Real Madrid.

The match starts at Old Trafford at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, September 4, Hanoi time.