According to coach Pep Guardiola, with a young, potential team, Arsenal will continue to compete for the Premier League title in many seasons to come and can even surpass Man City.

`Regarding the future, Arsenal are giving a message and we understand that,` Guardiola told Sky Sports.

Under Mikel Arteta – the new 42-year-old coach, Arsenal has built a youthful team, with an average age of 25.7.

Coach Mikel Arteta advised Arsenal players during the 2-1 win over host Nottingham Forest in round 22 of the Premier League at City Ground, Nottingham on January 30.

Last season, Arsenal led the Premier League 93% of the time, but lost steam in the sprint and missed the championship to Man City.

This season, the two teams continue to compete for the championship and the title will only be decided in today’s closing round.

Arteta met Guardiola from the Barca academy, and reunited when working as assistant coach at Man City in the period 2016-2019.

Guardiola is worried that Man City will be surpassed by Arsenal

Coach Guardiola advised Jack Grealish right after Man City’s 0-0 draw with Arsenal in round 30 of the Premier League at Etihad Stadium on March 31.

`Whatever happens on Sunday, if you don’t start being ready to compete with them again, they will take our place,` Guardiola continued.

During the press conference before the final round of the Premier League, Guardiola wanted Man City to defeat West Ham to decide the championship for themselves, instead of waiting for Arsenal to stumble against Everton.

Guardiola warned Man City not to make mistakes.

`We want to continue winning, but you have to be in good form and do something to win,` Guardiola said.