On the evening of November 23, the famous Korean music group Wonder Girls and many Korean artists: San E, JJ Project, Huh Gak, Ze A, Hi Ni… had a Vietnam location preparing for the program.

The 5 Wonder Girls dressed in colorful clothes to appear at a Vietnamese newspaper.

The show was quite successful compared to the program’s announcement of Korean stars that were warmly welcomed by the Vietnamese press.

However, because the control stage was still very worried, the man rushed into the room and reported quite a commotion.

Singer Hini, two-member band JJ Project, group Ze A, singer San E, Huk Gak… appeared all at once and lingered for a few minutes in the stadium before retreating to the back of the stadium.

After the recording and photo session, a group of 20 Korean stars along with Thu Minh and Vn Mai Hung had a few minutes to interact and share with the press and their music.

The Wonder Girls group remained silent during the press conference and received many more questions.

Korean stars brightly attended the press conference

The group focuses on most of the difficult questions related to the music industry and is also not the most popular music scene in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, in the official analysis, 5 girls did not respond to difficult questions.

`We are very lucky because we were born and grew up in a liberal, civilized environment. Therefore, we have many developmental opportunities, self-control, personal identity and freedom.

However, `5 beautiful girls` is not specifically about the MCs who will express their feelings in the music.

Similar to Wonder Girls, the two boys of JJ Project were attracted to Thai audiences.

Male singer San E caused a stir when he greeted with Vit: `Hello! My name is San E`.

Korean stars brightly attended the press conference

The boys of Ze A also came to Vietnam to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Vietnam-Korea diplomatic relations.

As one of two Vietnamese artists who participated in a concert with Korean singers, Thu Minh said that her singing was based on the feelings of Vietnamese artists for the Vietnamese audience.

The error message came out suddenly within about 30 minutes.

M Live MO.A music concert with the participation of many Korean artists and the dark music group Wonder Girls will appear at 7:00 p.m. on November 24 at Phu Th Theater, Ho Chi Minh City.

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