Indian cinema in the past few years has made incredible changes with many works that resonate in international markets.

* Trailer for the movie `English Vinglish`

The film is set in modern Indian society with three factors: money, fame and English playing an important role in evaluating and recognizing someone.

`English Vinglish` is an Indian film that received many compliments at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Photo: M.V.P.

The first time she stepped out of India, Shashi was surprised when she arrived in the magnificent and brilliant New York.

English Vinglish is quite similar to the work that won the Oscar for Best Film in 2011 – The King’s Speech.

‘English Vinglish’ - small story, big message

The multi-ethnic English class that Shashi attended when he came to New York (USA).

Shashi has never been out of India, never been on a plane, and only knows how to serve her husband and children every day from morning and stay at home to make cakes.

Indian cultural elements are expressed in traditional Indian weddings, singing and dancing performances, but are most clearly revealed in the way of communication in a modern family.

The audience will not be able to stop laughing when watching Shashi’s journey to America alone or the gossip in a multi-ethnic English class in New York.

‘English Vinglish’ - small story, big message

Few people think that actress Sridevi, who plays Shashi, is nearly 50 years old in real life.

A small story but the message of English Vinglish is very big about the breath of modern society, specifically Indian society – which has a harsh, extreme and imposing view on women.

English Vinglish marks the return of Sridevi – one of Hindi cinema’s greatest actresses – after a decade of absence.

English Vinglish (English is a small thing) opens in Vietnam from December 21.

* Bustling soundtrack song of `English Vinglish`

Nguyen Minh