Director Huu Tan’s horror-thriller film revolves around a Western family.

The screenwriter uses this situation to develop curious content.

Bac Kim Thang


In his first movie, director Huu Tan was quite confident in staging and rhythm.

Meanwhile, female characters are used for more direct scares.

Family rift is a theme throughout the work.

'Bac Kim Thang': Horror movie about a missing girl

Family conflict is a recurring element in the film.

A surprising scene is revealed in the third act, changing the audience’s perspective on the proceedings.

Another minus point is the images of the past mixed with the future.

'Bac Kim Thang': Horror movie about a missing girl

Director Huu Tan (left) and producer Hoang Quan at the film premiere in Ho Chi Minh City, October 24.

Actors Trinh Tai – Minh Hy have a pure appearance that matches the character’s image.

Bac Kim Thang is one of the Vietnamese films screened at the Busan Film Festival (Korea), in the branch A Window on Asian Cinema (for outstanding films by Asian directors).