Meritorious Artist Chi Trung is a comedian admired by audiences throughout the North and South.

Meritorious Artist Chi Trung brought a story about trust, honesty and pain in the education industry.

Meritorious Artist Chi Trung was creative with 5 white cloths, used multi-functionally on stage.

Set in a high school during peak times, when 12th grade students are taking their final exams.

Not only that, when the culprit who leaked the exam questions was revealed, a series of unfortunate things happened to Chau.

Chi Trung broke through as a theater director

The meticulously prepared, meticulous, and beautiful footage gave the play beautiful, romantic images.

To successfully stage an old play that still carries today’s social spirit, Chi Trung had to invest a lot of effort.

As the head of theater troupe II – Tuoi Tre Theater – a troupe that always performs comedy, Chi Trung also inserted many humorous details, softening the tension and seriousness in the play’s philosophy.

Chi Trung broke through as a theater director

Costumes and dialogue are refreshed, suitable for today’s society.

However, the most significant thing when staging `The Last Summer` is that Meritorious Artist Chi Trung combined theater with cinema, handled the stage well, helping the play bring a modern spirit, and especially creating a breakthrough.

Making the success of `The Last Summer` was also the effort of the entire crew, the acting of actors who were used to playing comedy and villain roles, and now transformed into positive roles like Meritorious Artist Duc Khue (