With hands and brains, people can do anything.

In Vietnam, if you buy a plot of land, if you’re lucky, you’ll only get a profit of a few dozen percent at the end of the year, if you’re unlucky, it’ll only be half.

In an up cycle, real estate can increase 3-5 times in 5-8 years, but in times of crisis, real estate `froze` for 1-3 years can sometimes reduce its value by half.

Meanwhile, investing in people will be super profitable.

>> ‘Give your child a house before thinking about a bookcase’

Knowledge or material (along with time and health) are all forms of human resources.

– Have knowledge, sell for money (courses, experts receive sky-high salaries, business reform consulting companies).

– A business owner uses his own money to hire staff to manage the facility, instead of managing it himself;

In my opinion, those who are good will have their own frame of reference and be able to convert it into units and then choose whether to inherit or invest in their children’s education.

>> In your opinion, should we save assets or invest in our children’s education?

‘Leaving your child a bookcase is better than a house’

‘House’ and ‘bookcase’ are not divided between heavy and light