– Recently you rarely appeared on the catwalk, why?

– Maybe I won’t appear on the catwalk anymore.

Thu Hang withdrew from the role of catwalk model.

– What do you think about elimination in the modeling profession?

– The entertainment industry in general and the modeling profession in particular have a very rapid elimination.

– What is the right new direction for you?

– Previously, my image was still framed as a model with a beautiful face.

Recently, the audience has seen me holding the microphone on a few TV shows, but actually I have been an MC a lot.

– Nowadays, there are quite a lot of long legs and beauties turning to become MCs, what do you do to make a difference for yourself?

– Each person has a destiny with their own profession.

There are many ways to create attractiveness such as: beautiful, charming and sexy in speech and body language.

Thu Hang: 'I am no longer suitable for modeling'

Thu Hang is the MC of the Miss Ao Dai Vietnam 2014 program.

– What is it about the hosting profession that attracts you?

Being an MC feels like I’m holding the reins.

– How do you hone your skills to become a professional MC?

– Being a host requires bravery, quick wit, and life skills.

Performed by Tam Giao