On the afternoon of November 23, the famous Korean music group Wonder Girls and many Korean artists such as: San E, JJ Project, Huh Gak, Ze A, Hi ni… were present in Vietnam to prepare for the show.

Five Wonder Girls dressed in colorful costumes appeared in the Vietnamese press.

Appearing quite late compared to the announced schedule, the Korean stars were still warmly welcomed by the Vietnamese press.

However, due to loose control, a large number of people flooded into the meeting room, causing the press conference to be quite chaotic.

Female singer Hini, two-member group JJ Project, group Ze A, singer San E, Huk Gak… appeared one after another and stayed on stage for a few minutes to take photos before retreating backstage to prepare.

After recording and taking photos, a strong cast of nearly 20 Korean stars along with Thu Minh and Van Mai Huong had a few minutes to interact and share with the press about the upcoming music night.

The Wonder Girls group became the focus of the press conference and received the most questions.

Wonder Girls avoid difficult questions

The group refused most difficult questions related to musical activities and also did not reveal the performances that will be performed at the concert in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, in the official question and answer session, the 5 girls were not very open to difficult questions.

`We are very lucky to be born and grow up in a liberal and open environment. Therefore, we are given many conditions to develop, prove our ego, our own colors and freedom.

However, `5 magical girls` refused to reveal the performances that will be performed on the night of the concert.

In contrast to Wonder Girls, the two boys of JJ Project won the hearts of the audience thanks to their open attitude.

Male singer San E surprised everyone when he greeted in Vietnamese: `Hello! My name is San E.`

Wonder Girls avoid difficult questions

Ze A’s boys also came to Vietnam to perform on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea.

As one of two Vietnamese artists attending the show with Korean singers, Thu Minh said she would sing her best to respond to the love her fellow countrymen gave to the Vietnamese audience.

The press conference was brief, lasting about 30 minutes.

The M Live MO.A music festival with the gathering of a series of Korean artists and the famous band Wonder Girls will take place at 7:00 p.m. on November 24 at Phu Tho Arena, Ho Chi Minh City.

>> Photo: Bright Korean stars attend the press conference

>> Clip: Wonder Girls at the press conference