To have a more perfect trip in the new year, please refer to the notes below before departing.

Determine the form of tourism

Tet is the time when many companies launch promotions and discounts.

Depending on your personal preferences, you choose the appropriate form of travel.

Consider your destination

No one wants to turn a relaxing vacation into days of frustration because of waiting for service or discomfort because service prices suddenly increase.

Advanced reservations

During Tet, hotels and motels often run out of rooms due to suddenly high demand.

Some notes for this are not to contact close to the departure date, use online booking websites and price comparison software.

Choose appropriate clothing

7 notes for a perfect spring trip

You can prioritize Tet colors such as pink, red, blue, and yellow when choosing costumes.

In addition to clothing suitable for the weather at your destination, you also need to consider the purpose of the trip.

Prepare ready food

Most eateries and restaurants are closed on this day.

Pay attention when eating and drinking

Tet specialties of different regions are quite diverse.

Always be alert

The beginning of the year is a time when robberies and thefts often occur.