Susan Tabbach, a 41-year-old architect, is exhausted from working, taking care of her three young children at home, and worrying about her elderly parents who have not been vaccinated.

Germany is the fastest-changing case of the pandemic.

`This is a disaster,` said Mohammed Tabbach, Susan Tabbach’s 86-year-old father.

`In other places, people are fully vaccinated. Here, the incident somehow happened,` said the former German doctor.

Mr. Tabbach registered for vaccination in January, but all he has received back so far are 4 letters with the same content, asking him to be patient.

Mr. Mohammed Tabbach (left), 86 years old, lives in Germany, has not been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine even though he registered in January 2021.

Millions of German citizens over 70 years old, teachers and people with underlying health conditions have not yet been vaccinated.

More than 70% of Germans are dissatisfied with the way the government procures and deploys vaccines, according to a poll by the Infratest Dimap Academy in early March.

`Europe does not have enough vaccines to prevent the third wave,` Health Minister Jens Spahn said about the slow vaccination campaign.

This affects people with underlying health conditions.

`It (the vaccine) is like a beautiful soap bubble floating right in front of your face. You try to touch it and it bursts,` Mülheims shared.

Waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine in frustration

Caroline Mülheims, 24 years old, has a congenital neuromuscular disease.

Jeremy Jarsetz, 18, returned to school after 3 months of remote learning.

`I feel like my mood changes constantly, sometimes leaning towards depression. I think a lot,` he said.

Surveys show that the pandemic is affecting the mental health of people everywhere, of all ages.

The need for therapy and calls to psychiatric hospital hotlines have increased dramatically, especially among children and adolescents who are struggling with loneliness, anxiety and depression.

For the Tabbach family, Susan will have to quit her job if schools and daycares close again.

`The problem is not with me. If we don’t all get vaccinated, it won’t help,` he said.