Sympathizing with the author of the story `The day of payment is approaching when a close friend disappears`, many VnExpress readers share their own `bloody` lessons when lending money to friends and relatives:

I’m 50 years old, doing business, all my close friends now shun me because I don’t have money to pay back after borrowing from me (I lend it to you without interest).

Because you lose money and because money loses you.

These days, it’s good for friends to trust each other, but I think we also need to keep a distance for our own safety.

From now on, if you have any money left over, you will lose heart and endure it. Absolutely do not lend it, even to family members or friends.

This amount has become a bad debt.

In the past, I used to lend money, but later I lost the ability to claim. Some people had 2.5 million, some 3 million, some 30 million, but since the golden age, I only had 1.6 million VND/tael.

My lifelong experience lending money is losing money and losing friends.

After many times lending money to friends and brothers, I learned this lesson:

1. Lend the money without turning your life upside down.

2. Lend money within their ability to repay.

3. Be aware that if you lend money to friends or relatives, you may lose that money.

4. When lending money, both husband and wife must know to avoid family trouble in the future.

If you have determined so, then lend it, otherwise don’t.

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