Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke at the Communist Party of China Congress on October 18.

Chinese President Xi Jinping today opened the 19th Communist Party Congress in Beijing with a 3-hour, 23-minute speech to announce a `new era` in Chinese politics.

China’s position

Mr. Xi indirectly criticized US President Donald Trump by condemning isolationism and emphasizing cooperation between countries.

`No country can close itself in its oasis. We live in a shared world and face a common destiny,` he said.

Mr. Xi also outlined the long-term future for China’s development in the international arena.

`China’s international position has increased to an unprecedented level,` Xi said.

Party influence

Mr. Xi warned that the Chinese Communist Party faces many challenges, especially corruption.

Over the past five years, Mr. Xi has become famous as a leader with a strong style.

He also talked about his theoretical contribution to the party’s ideology, emphasizing that `socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era`.


Mr. Xi received the longest applause with his tough speech related to territorial sovereignty and relations with regions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

`We will not tolerate anyone, in any way, at any time, wanting to separate an inch of land from China,` he emphasized.

In the context of young people in Taiwan and Hong Kong becoming increasingly suspicious of the government in mainland China, Mr. Xi announced that he would promote propaganda in these areas to `strengthen the team of patriots`.


Mr. Xi tried to calm concerns about rising home prices affecting ordinary people in China, where real estate is a popular investment industry.

`Houses are for living, not for speculation,` he affirmed.

He also pledged to turn China into a `nation of innovators`, focusing on aerospace, cyberspace, and transportation.

Beautiful China

The Chinese president emphasized the goal of achieving a `moderately prosperous society` by 2020 and laid out an ambitious plan to transform China into a `powerful modern socialist country` in the next 30 years –

He said that by 2050, the Chinese Communist Party will achieve its goal of building `Beautiful China` based on the rule of law, with many innovative companies, a clean environment, and a middle class.

He believes that bringing happiness is the key to winning people’s hearts.

The Chinese Communist Party needs to `meet people’s growing demands for a clean and beautiful environment,` Xi said.