You can choose from the following noodle soup dishes for your meal.

Crab noodle soup

The crab noodle soup bowl has its own recipe, so the broth is thick and attractive red, instead of the usual thin broth.

A bowl of shredded crab noodle soup at a family-owned restaurant on Vinh Vien Street costs 28,000 VND.

Duck soup cake

Bringing the flavor of Western cuisine, duck noodle soup is prepared with its own secret.

Fish cake noodle soup

A popular dish of the Central coastal provinces, fish cake noodle soup is also popular with Saigon diners thanks to its simplicity and deliciousness.

Fish cake noodle soup is sold for 20,000 VND a bowl at markets and sidewalks.

5 popular noodle soup dishes in Saigon

Fish cake noodle soup is sold on many sidewalks, priced at 20,000 VND.

Snakehead fish cake soup

Hue snakehead fish noodle soup is characterized by flat noodles, pre-fried fish meat, a little pork rind, broth, green onions, and chopped laksa leaves to add flavor.

Chive soup cake

In addition to familiar ingredients such as chopped banh noodle soup and fish cakes, chopped chives covering the surface are a unique feature only found in chive noodle soup of Phu Yen people.

5 popular noodle soup dishes in Saigon

A bowl of chive soup with quail eggs and spicy chili typical of Phu Yen.

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