The third Scar of life program initiated by actress Ngo Thanh Van took place on the evening of May 25, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ngo Thanh Van was moved to tears after leading a program that was too long and arduous.

Little boy Vu Song Vu, top 4 of Vietnam’s Got Talent, opened with the emotional song My Grandmother.

In the previous two times, the main performances of the night Scars of Life were usually just signing books, characters expressing their feelings, then going straight to the main stage, the auction.

Prepared more elaborately than in previous years, the third `Scar of Life` has two more outstanding performances: the screening of the movie The Journey directed by Cuong Ngo, and the performance of the fashion collection `Heart of Glass`.

Ngo Thanh Van raised her voice hoarsely to raise money for charity

Tang Thanh Ha both participated in the performance and called for auctions for the dress she wore.

But with so many speeches, saying thanks, expressing emotions, the program took longer than usual, making many people feel tired.

The entire auditorium had more than 50 banquet tables. When the auction took place, many guests had already left, causing an empty feeling and cooling down the program.

Singer Thanh Thao helped the organizers sell 4.5 liter wine bottles.

Many Vietnamese beauties such as: Mai Phuong Thuy, Phan Nhu Thao, Ngoc Trinh, Tang Thanh Ha, the beauties of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011 such as Hoang Thuy – Le Thuy… and also Ngo Thanh Van, Miss Sports Thu

Ngo Thanh Van raised her voice hoarsely to raise money for charity

The outfit Dam Vinh Hung wore to perform belonged to Do Manh Cuong’s collection, which later earned 15,000 USD.

Thanks to his stirring talent, Mr.

At 11 p.m., the auction of Ngo Thanh Van’s clothes began.

The precious thing is, those who are still sitting are people who have wholeheartedly attached to the Scars of Life through the years.

The preparation was much more elaborate, but the third `Scar of Life` only earned 121,000 USD (more than 2.5 billion VND), 1,000 USD more than the second show.

All of the money from this night will go to the Heartbeat Vietnam Foundation to use heart surgery for poor children, with the cost of each surgery being 1,000 USD.

The journey of donating to `Scars of Life` does not end there.

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Thoai Ha Photo: Quoc Huy