Dinh Lap is the poorest district in Lang Son province with two border communes.

In hot July, Mr. Phan Bien Thuy, owner of a grocery store, plans to import more ice cream, yogurt, candy… to sell to children during summer vacation.

A family of 4 people living in the tourist area of Da Nang announced to self-quarantine at home, so people still feel secure, thinking Covid-19 is far away from Hanoi, the Central region.

Residential area No. 7, Dinh Lap town, Lang Son was quarantined for 28 days because a family of 4 was infected with Covid-19 after a trip to Da Nang.

Stores are closed, children are not allowed to leave the house, and adults look out with anxiety.

`Late at night, thinking that everyone in the area probably hadn’t had time to prepare food and drinks, I pulled my wife up and said: Look what else is left in the store, instant noodles, salt sauce, drinks… then fold them up, tomorrow.

Life in the quarantined neighborhood of Dinh Lap

The work of disinfecting the neighborhood is being seriously implemented.

Every day, Mr. Thuy and his wife and other volunteers still load packages of free goods into pickup trucks and transport them to the end of the area for families lacking necessities.

Mr. Nong Duc Vuong, Secretary of Doan Dinh Lap District, said that on the morning of August 5, doctors and nurses zoned in and let people in the F2 and F3 categories self-isolate at home.

Life in the quarantined neighborhood of Dinh Lap

People buying utensils and food will have it sent to them at the quarantine checkpoint.

For 11 days, Doctor Nguyen Trung Hieu, Head of the Department of Emergency Resuscitation, Dinh Lap District Hospital, has not returned home.

`In the early days of quarantine, there were people who didn’t know they wanted to go to the market. I had to explain to people to understand and comply with quarantine regulations and guide people to declare their health. Luckily, in the quarantine area, no one had to.

After 11 days of unexpected quarantine, people in area 7 have gradually gotten used to the new rhythm of life.

`When I posted on my personal page calling for friends to support everyone’s necessities, many messages were sent wanting to join hands. As for Mr. Thanh Nha, Lang Son province sales representative of Nutifood Company, he promised to help.

Life in the quarantined neighborhood of Dinh Lap

NutiFood Company donated 2,580 products to support doctors, nurses and people of Dinh Lap.

On August 15, NutiFood Company came to give gifts to doctors, nurses and people at Dinh Lap quarantine area, Lang Son.

Also according to NutiFood representative, this company is implementing the campaign `Vietnamese strength joins hands to repel Covid` with the hope of being able to share promptly with places hurt by the epidemic.