Doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, former Deputy Director of the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital, Vice President of the Vietnam Infectious Diseases Association, commented as above, after 15 new cases of infection, including 14 cases in Da Nang and one case in Quang Ngai.

Dr. Ha, who once commanded the fight against the SARS epidemic, said that in reality, the patients had common symptoms of cough and fever, with no epidemiological factors.

According to him, as long as the patient has epidemiological factors, even without symptoms, samples will be taken and tested for nCoV.

`However, patients without epidemiological factors make it very difficult to control the epidemic. This cannot be said to be due to the authorities being subjective and negligent in fighting the epidemic,` the doctor said.

Dr. Ha analyzed that the initial symptoms of Covid-19 are very mild: mild fever, or just cough, or no symptoms.

During that time until receiving a positive result for nCoV, the patient is at risk of becoming seriously ill and developing respiratory failure very quickly.

This progression is clearly shown in `patient 416` and `patient 418`.

Lien Chieu district medical center staff took samples of people who came into contact with the patient and tested them for screening on the morning of July 25.

`The risk of a second wave breaking out across the country is clearly visible,` said Dr. Ha.

Doctor Ha affirmed that with community infection cases, `it is impossible to find the source of F0 infection`.

The Ministry of Health recommends that if you suspect nCoV infection or have close contact with a Covid-19 patient, you should immediately contact the nearest health agency for advice and support.