Four steps of eye makeup are as follows:

Step 1: Moisturize and care for the eye area with appropriate eye cream.

Step 2: Mix the eye cream mixture with a small amount of Concealer on the back of your hand, choose the Concealer color that matches the customer’s skin color.

In addition, in this step, you need to increase the skin brightness of the entire eye area by adding concealer below the arc of the eyebrows to the corners of the eyes and along the cheekbones.

You should choose a gel eye cream so that the mixture absorbs quickly.

Step 3: Starting from the outer corner of the eye, draw the eyeliner close to the lash line, using short, light movements.

You should choose tones that create a bright look for your face such as: navy blue and dark blue, pink and purple pink, light purple and charcoal purple.

Step 4: Apply mascara to the entire upper and lower eyelids and hold the brush so that it pushes the lashes up and hold for 5 seconds to `lock` the curl.

Reference products from Estée Lauder:

CyberWhite Eye Crème SPF15 / PA+: A gentle moisturizer that soothes the skin around the eyes from the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays and environmental pollution.

Advanced Night Repair Eye: All the restorative and protective powers around the eyes help smooth existing lines and prevent new ones from appearing, helping to treat dry skin, flaking eyes and dark circles.

4 steps of eye makeup

New Pure Color Eye Shadow: 25 vibrant and realistic youthful tones with True Vision technology giving the eyes outstanding highlights.

Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara & Double Wear Zero Smudge Eyeliner: Mascara products last up to 15 hours of use, do not bleed, smudge, or flake even in high temperatures or humid weather.

(Source: Estee Lauder)