`I have been tested completely negative. I will go to Florida tomorrow, work hard because this is an election we must win,` US President Donald Trump said in a phone conversation with

Although Trump claimed to be negative for nCoV, the White House has not yet released any further information about the President’s health since doctor Sean Conley announced that Trump is no longer at risk of transmitting the virus.

A person infected with nCoV may not show symptoms and is not at risk of transmitting the virus to others, but may still have the virus in their body.

US President Donald Trump spoke to supporters from the White House balcony on October 10.

People who recover from viral infections often develop antibodies that protect them from reinfection, but studies are unclear whether this is the case with Covid-19.

Researchers at Harvard recently discovered that Covid-19 patients can not be reinfected for up to 4 months.

As for whether Trump is still contagious, Dr. Albert Ko, an infectious disease expert and dean at the Yale School of Public Health, said the White House appears to be following China’s guidelines.

Some medical experts are skeptical that Trump was declared no longer at risk of transmitting the virus so early.

Trump will return to campaign in Florida on October 12.

Campaign officials said Trump will campaign nearly every day for the rest of the campaign, and sometimes more than one stop, a packed schedule for a 74-year-old who was recently hospitalized.

Dr. Marc Lipsitch, an infectious disease expert at the Harvard School of Public Health, said the White House doctor’s announcement did not provide enough information to ensure that Trump is no longer infectious to others.