During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 2 about the Capitol Hill riot, Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chris Wray was asked by committee leader Dick Durbin about whether there was evidence.

`We haven’t seen evidence of this, at least not yet. That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop looking, we’re continuing to look into it, but for now there’s nothing,` Wray

The FBI director also affirmed that there is no evidence that the Antifa movement and other far-left groups participated in the Capitol Hill riot, an event he described as `domestic terrorism.`

FBI Director Chris Wray during a hearing in the US Senate in September 2020.

Many allies of former President Trump have theorized that it was far-left activists and Antifa who joined the crowd and posed as his supporters to attack the US Capitol building on January 6.

This view has also been promoted by Republican senator Ron Johnson in recent weeks as part of an effort to reduce criticism aimed at the former US president and his supporters.

After the massive protest on January 6 outside the White House, Trump asked his supporters to be stronger and called for them to march together towards the capitol building.

The FBI obtained messages from William Robert Norwood, in which this man from South Carolina announced that he would wear all black to look like an Antifa member and storm the US Capitol building.

`I will be no different than Antifa and will stay out of trouble, while others are arrested or shot,` Norwood wrote.

In addition to information about the Capitol Hill riot, the FBI Director also announced that the agency has not found evidence of `election fraud`, an allegation repeatedly made by Trump and his allies after losing to Joe.

After the attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, Trump faced a second impeachment trial on charges of inciting violence promoted by Democrats.