At the end of September, Nguyen Huong Ly received news that she would visit Can Gio on October 3.

This trip to Can Gio is a closed tour, Ly as well as other guests in the group must be vaccinated with 2 vaccinations and tested negative for Covid-19 before departure.

Like pre-pandemic tours, when sitting in the car, guests will be introduced to the attractions on the 12-hour journey.

Tourists take a dinghy to visit the Bat Lagoon.

Nearly 2 hours of travel from the city center, visitors go straight to the attractions in Can Gio, only getting off the bus when notified by the tour guide.

The destinations in the program are all in green zones, qualified to operate according to anti-epidemic safety criteria such as Monkey Island Forest Park, Rung Sac revolutionary base… Visitors can learn about the daily life of the island.

After visiting one point, visitors will move to the next point, sometimes by car, sometimes sitting on a canoe in the middle of the river, sometimes rowing a dinghy and then walking on concrete roads.

12 hours of Can Gio closed tour experience

The lilac crocodile sanctuary has about 40 animals. Visitors can take a boat out to the middle of the lagoon and experience crocodile fishing.

At noon, guests stop to rest and have lunch, enjoying many delicious dishes and specialties of Can Gio land at Vam Sat eco-tourism area.

In addition to seafood, Can Gio has a delicious sand mango grown on sandy sea soil, abundant in Long Hoa commune. On this occasion, tourists are also introduced to enjoy it and buy it as gifts.

12 hours of Can Gio closed tour experience

Mr. Bui Van Duc, a member of the Nam Dinh medical staff group going on tour after more than 2 months working at field hospital No. 7, said he felt comfortable with this trip: `This is the first time

And Pham Quang Anh is happy to have a change of atmosphere after days revolving around receiving and treating asymptomatic Covid-19 patients.

`Before the trip, I wore a mask and protective gear every day. Now being in the forest feels cooler, even though I still wear a mask, it’s much more comfortable,` Quang Anh realized that the prevention work,

Sometimes I also find that wearing a thick mask for many hours is a bit inconvenient while taking photos or moving a lot when sightseeing outdoors, not as comfortable as when traveling before the epidemic, but for me that is not a problem.

Can Gio district (HCMC) reopened tourism activities from September 19 with the first closed tour for doctors and nurses participating in Covid-19 epidemic prevention in Ho Chi Minh City recently.