In addition, the act of `transforming` rotten squid into delicious squid, frozen shrimp into fresh shrimp… is also being discussed a lot on social network

Beef that has gone rancid many months, even years ago, is rubbed with a smooth white chemical by some traders, then smeared with blood to freshen it and sold to consumers.

The video exposing the fraudulent business practices of these small businesses is receiving many angry comments from the community.

Beef before and after marinating.

Tens of kilograms of rotten squid were thrown on the dirty floor, but after just a few minutes of soaking in chemicals, the squid became as fresh as if it had just been caught from the sea.

This process of converting rotten squid takes place inside a food processing factory in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, making many people worry about the food safety situation today.

The trick of 'turning' rotten beef and squid into delicious flavors

The process of `turning` stinky ink into beautiful, eye-catching white.

To turn long-dead black tiger shrimps into bright-colored shrimps and increase their weight, some traders have used agar powder packets mixed with water and injected into the shrimp’s back with a syringe.

With this trick, they `enchanted` thousands of pale dead shrimp to become fresh shrimp.

The trick of 'turning' rotten beef and squid into delicious flavors

Shrimp are injected with impurities using a cylinder.

Many people were angry when they learned that the owner of a bamboo shoot processing facility in Ham Thuan Bac district (Binh Thuan) used chemicals to clean the bamboo shoots, then distributed them to many markets for consumption.

This harmful work is being strongly criticized by the community.

The trick of 'turning' rotten beef and squid into delicious flavors

Sour bamboo shoots are soaked in toxic chemicals.

Every month, tons of powdered coffee are supplied to the market, but few people know that it is actually just soybeans, corn and chemicals of unknown origin.

This method of producing `dirty coffee` was exposed and shocked consumers, because coffee is a familiar drink for many people today.

The trick of 'turning' rotten beef and squid into delicious flavors

The chemical can is of Chinese origin from Nhat Thien coffee processing facility.

For every 3kg of tea, the factory owner will soak 1gr of flavoring chemical powder of unknown origin before being dried and packaged.

Immediately afterwards, this facility was ordered by the authorities to stop production.

The trick of 'turning' rotten beef and squid into delicious flavors

Tea soaked in chemicals at the scene.

To catch the eye of consumers and make it easier to consume, some establishments have bought white granulated sugar and mixed it with phosphoric acid, water and chemicals to make the sugar shiny yellow.

Many people believe that this is an act of `killing without a knife`, because phosphoric acid is an industrial chemical used specifically for cleaning and is not on the list of permitted uses for food processing.

Sugar at the acid manufacturing facility was detected.

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