After a successful show in Hanoi in May, Khanh Ly continued to return to sing for the audience of the land that the singer considers her `homeland, flesh and blood`.

Khanh Ly introduced her friend in a pre-recorded video: `This time I come back, I want to meet writer Nguyen Tuan, musician Van Cao, poets Quang Dung, Hoang Cam, musicians Doan Chuan, To Vu… I regret

The moment Nguyen Anh 9 accompanied Khanh Ly to sing.

Both as an artist friend and as a younger brother,  the famous singer `pleaded` with his senior on stage: `It’s raining today, please Anh, please play a song about the rain.`

Nguyen Anh 9 once said that he considered Khanh Ly an idol.

Mai is Khanh Ly’s real name.

While Le Thu joked that the reason she cried at that time was because she was bullied by `it`, Khanh Ly;

Khanh Ly sublimates in the sound of Nguyen Anh 9's piano

Guest artists in the Khanh Ly liveshow: Musician Nguyen Anh 9, singers Khanh Ha, Le Thu, Quang Dung (from left).

The stories of Khanh Ly and Le Thu made the audience laugh with excitement.

In addition to Nguyen Anh 9 and Le Thu, participating in Khanh Ly’s show were also Quang Dung and singer Khanh Ha.

Like the previous music night and like everything associated with Khanh Ly’s name, Trinh’s music is always the soul.

In addition to familiar music, on the stage of the live show `Khanh Ly in Hanoi`, a licensed song Da Vang by Trinh Cong Son was heard for the first time.

Before the show started, it rained heavily.

Khanh Ly sublimates in the sound of Nguyen Anh 9's piano

Khanh Ly’s second concert night became more joyful and optimistic towards the end.

Musician Giang Son shared: `I’m very moved. This is the first time I’ve seen her perform live on stage. Even though she’s 70 years old, compared to her old records, I think she sings much better. Her voice is much better.

Compared to the first time she returned to sing in her homeland after more than 39 years away, this second time, the female singer was much more comfortable.

Khanh Ly sublimates in the sound of Nguyen Anh 9's piano

The audience braved the rain to watch singer Khanh Ly’s live show

The audience braved the rain to watch Khanh Ly’s live show.

* Video of some performances in the live show:

– Khanh Ly opened the show with a medley `White Summer – Sea of Memory`

– Khanh Ly sings the medley `Pho pha – What age is left for you`

– Nguyen Anh 9 accompanied Khanh Ly to sing `Love song on a rainy afternoon`

– Khanh Ly sings `Old Diem` in both Vietnamese and Japanese

– Khanh Ly sings a duet with Quang Dung on the song `Lullaby`

– Khanh Ly sings `Missed Love` in memory of musician Thanh Binh

Hoang Anh

Photo: Le Chi Linh

Video: Thanh Tung