In the second minute of extra time of the second half, Uche headed the ball into Quang Nam’s net, but referee Phung Dinh Dung did not recognize the goal without giving a convincing explanation, causing players, coaching staff and Khanh Hoa fans to leave.

This morning, referee Phung Dinh Dung turned off his phone, while VFF Referee Committee Head Nguyen Van Mui also did not pick up the phone to talk about the incident at Nha Trang Stadium.

– Why did your students surround the referee after yesterday’s match?

– If people were in our situation, they would understand why we are so frustrated.

– How specific is that situation, sir?

After one of our tackles, two Quang Nam players collided with each other, one of them was hurt.

Coach Vo Dinh Tan said that referee Phung Dinh Dung’s decision not to recognize the goal was unacceptable.

– How does referee Phung Dinh Dung explain the situation of not recognizing Khanh Hoa’s goal?

– At first he didn’t say anything.

– How are you and the players feeling at this point?

– We are still extremely upset.

Yesterday myself and the players were very restrained.

– What is Khanh Hoa’s next step in this incident?

– Perhaps the team’s leadership will send an official dispatch to the Referee Board and Tournament Organizing Committee.

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