To become the champion of this competition, Baggio – Thanh Phuc showed perseverance, perseverance and flexibility through 13 races with 10 teams.

Baggio – Thanh Phuc won a prize of 300 million VND from `The Amazing Race`.

In the final race, the three remaining racing teams are challenged with adventurous and thrilling actions.

3 teams play the role of loading workers.

Overcoming the physical exercise at the warehouse, the teams had to use their balance and agility at the container yard.

The image of Baggio repeatedly missing his step on the iron bar made the audience’s hearts skip a beat.

Baggio - Thanh Phuc won 'The Amazing Race'

Thanh Bang balances on the iron bar.

After the balance challenge, team Thanh Chung – Thanh Bang took the lead.

In this round, Thanh Chung and Thanh Phuc were both injured because of continuous falls.

Before that, the audience laughed loudly at the Breakdance challenge.

Baggio – Thanh Phuc, although working in the entertainment industry, still struggles with Breakdancing, an art form that requires players not only to be talented but also to practice hard for a long time.

Actor Dustin Nguyen – the show’s director – shared: `The amazing race has ended, but surely the amazing journeys throughout our lives will still lie ahead, with surprises. And I

Baggio - Thanh Phuc won 'The Amazing Race'

10 teams participating in `The Amazing Race` gather at the finish point.

The 10 teams of the first season of The Amazing Race have many times made the audience admire their resilience and perseverance, no matter how unimaginable the challenges of the show are.

Hoang Dung