According to the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC), the above test samples were taken from May 26 to present.

Of the 457,342 surveillance test samples, 265,347 samples were recorded as having negative results, while 186,140 were awaiting results.

From noon June 7 to the morning of June 8, the Ministry of Health announced 69 positive cases of nCoV in Ho Chi Minh City.

With 40 patients announced on the afternoon of June 7, 20 patients were recorded as immigrants and were immediately quarantined.

25 patients announced on the morning and afternoon of June 8 include 16 cases related to the missionary association, 7 cases have close contact with previous positive cases, two cases were discovered through screening, epidemiological investigation is underway.

From May 18 to the morning of June 8, Ho Chi Minh City recorded 446 Covid-19 cases, currently surpassing Hanoi, ranking third in the country in the number of community Covid-19 cases during this epidemic.

Since Covid-19 appeared, the city has recorded 732 patients, including immigrants.

The city continues to implement measures to trace, localize and stamp out epidemics, and take samples for urgent testing when receiving information about new cases.

9,457 people are in centralized quarantine, 14,407 cases are in quarantine at home or place of residence.

The health sector is implementing the third round of Covid-19 vaccination campaign for groups that have received the first dose.

Ho Chi Minh City continues to organize health declarations for people returning from localities and areas with infected cases and quarantined.

HCDC recommends that people be honest in their medical declarations when going for medical examinations, comply with regulations on home quarantine and centralized quarantine, and always remember to do 5K when leaving the house.

Covid – 19 control checkpoint on Phan Van Tri street, Go Vap district on June 1.

In Hanoi, functional forces traced and identified 216 people related to `patient 8885`, whose test results on the morning of June 8 were all negative for nCoV.

`Patient 8853` is a 45-year-old woman who sells vegetables at the New Store market, located in group 17 of Dong Anh town, Dong Anh district, and was recorded by the Ministry of Health as a Covid-19 patient on June 7.

Ms. Tran Thi Nhi Ha, Director of the Hanoi Department of Health, said that 20 F1 cases have been traced and identified in 3 districts: Dong Anh, Dong Da and Soc Son.

In addition, the health sector also traced 74 F2 in 10 districts: Dong Anh, Dong Da, Thanh Oai, Thanh Xuan, Long Bien, Hoan Kiem, Chuong My, Ha Dong, Nam Tu Liem, Hoai Duc.

Authorities also traced a total of 167 F3 and related cases, and the test results were all negative.

According to Ms. Ha, the patient’s living area has now been zoned with 9 households and 28 people.

In addition, Bac Thang Long Hospital has also temporarily stopped accepting patients, and at the same time widely announced to find people to go to relevant locations so that people can continue to declare and take samples for testing.

Thus, besides `patient 8853`, no new related positive cases have been detected.

Previously, `patient 8853` visited Bac Thang Long Hospital for examination and inpatient treatment on June 4 and 5, and had positive test results on the evening of June 6.

Le Phuong – Le Nga