For many different reasons, people will choose Da Lat as the destination for their travel journey, but with the 5 special things below, the city can completely make you come back a second time with its wonderful experiences.

There are no traffic lights

If traffic congestion in Saigon and Hanoi makes you feel uncomfortable sometimes, then in Da Lat, you will comfortably drive without fear of encountering this situation.

Although Da Lat’s streets have no traffic lights, vehicle traffic still flows normally, with no traffic jams.

To explain this, people say that the city’s terrain is mountainous and has many winding slopes, so stopping at intersections or roundabouts is very inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous.

Four seasons in one day

With a temperate climate, Da Lat always has a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

If in the morning the weather is cool and there is a bit of dew like spring, then at noon the sun will rise high and cover everywhere.

5 special things in Da Lat that tourists will remember forever

In the afternoon, the sun is no longer so harsh, the sky is gray and the cool breeze creates a carefree autumn atmosphere.

As the sun began to go down the mountain, the bitter winds became colder.

Here, the rainy season lasts from May to the end of October, the rest is the dry season.

Maple leaf forest

No need to go all the way to Japan to see this plant, now you can explore it in the deep forest of Tuyen Lam Lake.

5 special things in Da Lat that tourists will remember forever

Maple leaves are transforming in the autumn weather of Da Lat.

To find the maple tree, visitors must row a boat across Tuyen Lam Lake and then walk deep into the forest.

If you are a nature lover and have a soaring soul, watching the maple leaves sparkling in the sunlight will be a memorable experience.

Lavender field

Visitors will not have difficulty seeing beautiful flowers here, even lavender – the famous flower of France.

5 special things in Da Lat that tourists will remember forever

Lavender, also known as lavender, is famous for its unique fragrance, easily seducing any woman.

Usually, you will only see this flower online or in processed dried flower bouquets brought from abroad, or when you have the opportunity to travel to Europe.

This `treasure` is owned by Mr. Le Tien Thanh, a local who failed many times before finding a way to adapt this flower to Da Lat’s weather.

Lavender is a perennial flower, so you can visit it at any time.

Giant pumpkin garden

5 special things in Da Lat that tourists will remember forever

The pumpkin spreads are just like in Cinderella’s fairy tale.

Mr. Le Huu Phan’s pumpkin garden is one of the interesting places in Da Lat.

Mr. Phan’s garden is about 4,000 square meters, of which this pumpkin variety is grown on an area of about 200 square meters.

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