Gitte Boumeester, a trainee psychiatrist in Almelo, the Netherlands, contracted Covid-19 in November 2020.

Boumeester joined a Facebook group for post-Covid patients.

Because he was tired of post-viral symptoms, Boumeester decided to go to the doctor thinking: `At best, I’ll lose money.`

An investigation by BMJ and ITV News shows that Boumeester is not a rare case.

This situation has happened in previous epidemics.

In fact, blood irrigation is an approved medical therapy.

In long-term Covid patients, blood washing can remove LDL, the inflammatory molecule, a regimen originally intended for people with cardiovascular disease.

A patient is being `blood washed` at the Prolonged Covid-19 Center.

Internist Beate Jaeger, Director of the North Rhine Lipid Center in Germany, introduces hemodialysis through a heparin filter to treat long-haul Covid patients.

Jaeger hypothesized that the patient’s blood was too viscous and could contain tiny blood clots.

Robert Ariens, professor of vascular biology at Leeds University Medical Center, said treatment with this method is too early.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jaeger defends his position and treats the patient, despite the method being rejected.

Daniel Sokol, a lawyer and medical ethicist in London, said the practice is illegal in the UK.

Besides blood washing, Boumeester was also given vitamin infusions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, anticoagulants and hydroxychloroquine, which is notoriously ineffective against Covid-19.

`I think they should emphasize that the nature of this method is experimental, especially when it is so expensive. I was aware when I decided to go in, that the results were not certain. But people in