Many parents also doubt themselves, because they cannot give appropriate answers to difficult, tricky questions.

It’s difficult to know at what age to start talking to your child about sex, how much information to provide, and whether parents should `take the initiative` first, or `passively` wait.

Concerns that speaking too early is like `drawing a path for the deer to run`, and that too much `thrilling` information will stimulate children’s curiosity and rob them of their childhood innocence.

Parents should talk to their children about sex education. While these feelings and concerns may exist, it is important that children receive open, honest and positive information about sex education.

– You will have positive emotions and respect for your body, proud to be boys and girls!

– A confident attitude towards emotional and physiological mutations that occur in accordance with natural laws during the development process.

– Able to exchange information effectively, especially when they are worried, worried, or threatened.

– All studies emphasize that: Children who receive positive support and advice from close adults tend to delay longer `close` male-female relationships.

Sex education is human development

From the moment we are born, we are all gendered and have “gendered behaviors” – to varying degrees depending on the individual.

From birth to 5 years old: Newborn babies get satisfied emotions from being caressed, cuddled, and cherished in love.

From age 5 to puberty (10 to 14 years old): Curiosity about sex gradually increases – even though children do not dare to ask any questions at home, at school, they still pass on `overheard` things to each other.

From puberty to adolescence (14 – 21 years old): Socially, emotionally and psychologically, puberty is a big change, because it rings a bell signaling the arrival of adulthood.

Some concerns.

From the age of 2, children begin to be curious and wonder about their bodies.

There are many opportunities for discussion.

Not just information.

(According to Ho Chi Minh City Women)