Mong Mong and her husband live in Beijing city.

Tieu Tinh grew up with frugal habits, not buying anything for entertainment, let alone going out with colleagues after work.

Is parenting like Mong Mong really good for children?

Teach children to be frugal in spending money instead of cutting out all their petty expenses.

If parents are frugal, their children will suffer three major harms

1. Limited visibility

The editor-in-chief of `Fortune` magazine once said: `A person’s vision determines his outcome.`

Vision depends largely on the education each person receives as a child.

2. Becoming greedy

When attending a wedding, many guests fill their bags with cigarettes and candy.

Once such a habit has been formed, it is very difficult for children to have friends.

3. Lack of confidence

Children who have not been satisfied materially for a long time often tend to have low self-esteem.

Parents who are too thrifty will destroy their children's future

Investing in education is the fastest way to help you earn more money than others.

Things parents should not skimp on, no matter how poor they are

1. Education

According to researchers, education is the fastest way to help you make money and earn more than others.

2. Nutrition

If children are not supplemented with nutrition during development, they will fall behind a lot in terms of physical strength and intelligence.

3. Travel trips

American writer Hemingway once said: `The places you visit when you are young will stay with you forever.`

Many parents also cut their children’s allowance completely because they want to save money.