When Mount Sinai Hospital opened the first Post-Covid-19 Care Center in New York and across the United States, doctors thought they would receive severe cases of Covid-19 that had been cured.

However, to the doctor’s surprise, many people with only mild Covid-19 symptoms also came for treatment.

`We have heard about viral diseases that leave sequelae, but they usually do not last for months like what is seen here. Therefore, everyone was extremely surprised,` Dr. Zijian Chen

To date, the center has welcomed more than 1,600 patients.

The case of Ms. Lada Beara Lasic, 54 years old, a kidney doctor, is an example.

The strange thing is that despite such severe symptoms, it is difficult to determine the pathology in patients like Ms. Lasic.

According to MacCarthy, the majority of patients improve over time, but at a very slow pace.

`At first, people said this virus only affected older people, but that’s not true. Young patients also have to experience extremely bad symptoms,` commented Dr. McCarthy.

Dr. Chen estimates that 10% of Covid-19 patients face symptoms that last for months – a rate equivalent to 100,000 chronic cases in New York.

For many doctors, the manifestations of the `long Covid` phenomenon have many similarities with another mysterious syndrome: Chronic fatigue syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic fatigue syndrome – ME/CFS).

Mr. Jeffrey Siegelman, 40 years old, an emergency worker, had to take 5 months off work because of Covid-19.

This disease is still not well understood.

Today, the medical community has accepted the existence of this syndrome.

In addition, scientists cannot rule out the possibility that long-term symptoms are the result of persistent infections and autoimmune processes.

There is much evidence that Covid-19 causes the immune system to overreact.

This may explain why the victims of long Covid syndrome are mostly women.

To this day, when we hope the epidemic will end soon, there is still worry about the persistent consequences of the virus on the health of millions of people.

Mai Dung (According to the New York Times)