If Israel is an example of success in Covid-19 vaccination, Britain is the place to test whether countries can end the blockade and learn to live with the pandemic.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of test samples can be sent by mail, even to high school students.

Not only has the highest death toll in Europe, Britain has also seen its economy decline at its most severe since the Great Frost of 1709. However, a quarter of British people have been at least vaccinated.

The question is not how to eliminate Covid-19, but how to lift the blockade.

Gabriel Scally, chair of epidemiology and public health at the Royal Society of Medicine, said: `It’s not going to be effective to just distribute test samples like flowers. They want a simple and strange solution.`

Prime Minister Johnson clearly understands that he is in a tense situation.

People are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of mass testing.

A £22 billion ($31 billion) testing program raised the country’s testing capacity to the highest level in the world, with more than 760,000 tests in a single day.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits a laboratory processing Covid-19 tests in Glasgow.

Businesses are wanting to apply rapid testing samples.

Meanwhile, supermarkets are discussing with officials about testing measures to be carried out at home or in the community, instead of at the supermarket.

The Confederation of British Industry said more businesses should be encouraged to implement regular testing to ensure a safer working environment.

Health and social care staff are still being tested regularly.

The Motion Picture Association of Great Britain said that asking 250 moviegoers to get tested and wait 30 minutes before watching a two-hour film seems unrealistic.

Some scientists believe the most important thing is to encourage people to stay home during the 10-day mandatory quarantine to ensure they don’t spread nCoV.

Authorities affirmed that even though the results were negative, people need to understand that no testing method is 100% accurate.