The fate that brought Nguyen Quoc (born in 2004, in Ho Chi Minh City) to the stock market started from his childhood passion.

For the first time participating in stocks, Quoc feels very lucky because the market is supporting investors, meaning `any stock you buy is almost profitable.`

This young investor relies on fundamental analysis of businesses to choose his initial portfolio.

`With a code, I buy because I like the vision of the leadership and the reputation of the brand. With a code, I buy because I feel satisfied using their services. I also buy shares of a business because I feel satisfied.

Just like that, Quoc held this group of stocks continuously until the end of the year.

Investment portfolio Nguyen Quoc held for 6 months, sold at the end of 2020. Photo: Provided by the character

To seriously participate in the market, Quoc previously learned a lot of knowledge about stocks.

At first, he read a lot of books including books like `Debt Collection Day`, `Smart Investor`, `Currency War`… For concepts that were difficult to understand, he would look them up on Google and write them down.

`I consider learning about economics and finance as a real subject in class,` Quoc affirmed, adding that because he still has to go to school, he will take advantage of his free time during breaks or in the evening.

However, failure is unavoidable for every investor and Quoc is no exception.

`At that time, due to the overwhelming fear and inability to manage risks when investing, I decided to cut my losses right at the bottom,` Quoc shared.

After two years of learning about economics and finance and many transactions, Quoc gradually expanded his investment style and began to try to focus on finding profits, instead of just spending money to accumulate assets.

Quoc believes that short-term investments are easy to find quick profits.

`To invest in the short term, we need to combine many skills such as technical analysis, market news analysis, short-term business news… This is very dangerous if we do not have a way to invest.

16 year old made a profit on stocks of more than 100 million VND

Nguyen Quoc, 17 years old, joined the stock market since June 2020.

In addition to stock investing, Quoc is also a fin-influencer (an influencer on social networks in the financial field).

As a Gen Z person, Quoc’s advice to his peers is to get exposed to investing early.

Currently, the amount of money spent and profit from investment may not be much, but Quoc believes that once you have trained that habit, after finishing university and having a stable job, this habit will help a lot.