The first patient discovered was a female worker of a toy manufacturing company with symptoms of cough and fever. She went to Hoa Khanh Nam Ward Medical Center (Lien Chieu District) to declare and have samples taken for testing, receiving results.

Lien Chieu District Medical Center took test samples for 60 workers working at the company that night and quarantined this group of people.

On September 21, Mr. Tran Van Ty, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Zones, said that the authorities had traced and quarantined 408 F1, took samples for testing and recorded them.

`The company has temporarily suspended operations. Nearly 2,000 people in related category F are required to self-isolate and monitor their health at home,` Mr. Ty said.

Medical staff took test samples at a residential area in Hoa Khanh Nam ward where a positive case was a Matrix company worker.

The Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of Da Nang City assessed that the chain of infection at Matrix Company is `high risk`, due to the large number of workers and the source of infection for the patients has not been identified.

Also today, Da Nang recorded another positive worker, a driver for Nam Anh Trading Company Limited in An Don Industrial Park (Son Tra district).

Nam Anh Company had just let 22 workers return to work on the first day when they discovered a positive case and had to temporarily stop operations and go into centralized quarantine.

According to Mr. Ty, among the four positive workers at the two companies mentioned above, three were vaccinated with a vaccine shot more than 10 days ago.

An Don Industrial Park and Hoa Khanh Industrial Park have each recorded Covid-19 infection chains during the epidemic from May 3 to present.

Da Nang discovered an outbreak in the company

Workers of a company in Hoa Khanh industrial park line up to get vaccinated, August 2021.

On September 21, Da Nang recorded 15 cases of Covid-19 (10 cases were F1 related to the above workers).

From May 3 until now, Da Nang has recorded 4,874 cases of Covid-19.

Nguyen Dong