Moderna initially noted that the vaccine worked well in the elderly

On August 26, Moderna announced the results of its Covid-19 vaccine trial showing an immune response in the elderly, similar to that of young people.

Accordingly, volunteers receiving a dose of 100 micrograms in phase 3 had similar immune responses in three age groups: over 70, between 56-70, and between 18-55.

To date, the company has recruited more than 13,000 people to participate in late-stage trials.

Health officials are interested in vaccine candidates that show effectiveness in the elderly, whose immune systems often do not respond strongly to vaccines.

Volunteers testing the nCoV vaccine at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Medical Research Institute in Seattle, March 16.

Dr. Jacqueline Miller, Moderna’s Head of Infectious Disease Development, told the US CDC that the company plans to post weekly updates on black and Latin American test subjects on its website.

Pharmaceutical companies and health officials are looking for ways to distribute Covid-19 vaccines, some of which must be transported and stored at extremely cold temperatures.

Moderna has not yet released its Covid-19 vaccine to the market, but has received nearly a billion USD from the US government under the `Operation Warp Speed` program.

Pfizer enrolled more than 50% of trial participants

Dr. Nicholas Kitchin, Pfizer vaccine researcher, announced at the US CDC’s vaccination practice meeting on August 26.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, questioned Pfizer’s plan.

Pfizer said the vaccine must be stored at extremely low temperatures for up to 6 months, or in specially designed shipping containers for up to 10 days.

Pfizer told the CDC panel that the vaccine is being improved to be stable at higher temperatures.

J&J tested the vaccine in Latin America, adding Chile, Argentina and Peru

American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has added Chile, Argentina and Peru to its phase 3 testing plan for the Covid-19 vaccine, the company confirmed on August 26.

The study will involve 60,000 volunteers from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Mexico, coordinated by the Janssen pharmaceutical unit and local centers.

Pharmaceutical companies compete to announce Covid-19 vaccine testing

A volunteer testing the Covid-19 vaccine, at Oxford University, England, April 25.

The company revealed to Reuters that it is awaiting regulatory approval in Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Mr. Miguel O’Ryan, of the University of Chile’s School of Medicine, where the J&J vaccine trial will be held, said the parameters are still being calculated but his team is prepared to recruit 1,000 volunteers for the trials.

J&J’s vaccine trial is likely to take place in Chile.

In Peru, Carlos Castillo, chief vaccine adviser at the Ministry of Health, said that J&J is selecting research centers and testing will be conducted by mid-September.

Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia are the 6 Latin countries with the highest number of Covid-19 infections.