7:15 p.m

Vietnam is the 4th country in Southeast Asia to introduce Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio

Before launching in Vietnam, the Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio duo were introduced by Toyota in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

A car model is displayed at a Toyota dealership, during the company’s Hey Outside event in Hanoi.

Before this official launch event, many Toyota Vietnam dealers launched the Hey Outside program, displaying and accepting deposits for customers who want to receive their cars early.

Exterior design of Toyota’s new MPV line.

In early 2022, the sales ranking of 7-seat family cars priced under one billion VND has not changed much.

7:35 p.m

General Director of Toyota Vietnam opened the launching ceremony

Opening the launch ceremony, Mr. Hiroyuki Ueda, General Director of Toyota Vietnam introduced the Japanese company’s new message in Vietnam – Move Your World.

Mr. Hiroyuki Ueda, General Director of Toyota Vietnam.

`Move Your World is our commitment to customers,` said Mr. Hiroyuki Ueda.

7:45 p.m

Veloz Cross promises an enjoyable driving experience – Avanza Premio is practical

Mr. Eiji Fujibayashi, Chief Engineer of Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio, said that sporty, dynamic design, spacious interior and outstanding driving feel are the premise for developing these two models.

Toyota Veloz in Vietnam.

`Veloz Cross meets the expectations of users looking for difference. The car has a unique design style, many high-end features and advanced technology appearing for the first time in the segment,` said Mr. Eiji Fujibayashi.

Veloz Cross rear design.

The Veloz Cross grille design follows the recent trend of Toyota Corolla Cross, Altis or Camry.

Three-spoke steering wheel on Veloz.

The Veloz Cross interior is designed in a sporty direction.

Flexible and customizable seats on Veloz Cross.

In addition, the car is also equipped with 6 airbags, the most in the segment.

7:50 p.m

Avanza Premio saves 15% more fuel

Toyota Vietnam representative said that the new Avanza Premio is capable of saving 15% more fuel than the old generation.

New version of Toyota Avanza Premio exterior design.

The grille takes up most of the front of the car, with a large horizontal bar design.

Avanza Premio 2022 interior. Photo: TMV.

Instrument cluster with 4.2 inch MID TFT screen.

Avanza Premio is developed on a new front-wheel drive chassis.

7:55 p.m

Toyota Avanza Premio costs 548 million VND, Veloz Cross costs 648 million VND

At the end of the launch ceremony, General Director of Toyota Vietnam announced the starting price for two new car models.

New MPV duo from Toyota Vietnam.

Accordingly, Avanza Premio has two versions MT and CVT, priced at 548 million and 588 million VND respectively.

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