The Year of the Snake 2013 symbolizes optimism, reform and prosperity.

Based on the elements in the universe including metal, wood, water, fire and earth, feng shui experts calculate the objective advantages and disadvantages in each period and make predictions.

2013 is the year of the Snake, a year of water flow – a year of snakes carrying negative energy, with water above and fire below.

Snake is the animal that symbolizes May according to the Western calendar, so conflicts or reforms can flare up strongly in early summer.

Regarding the snake itself, this is the animal symbolizing positive energy, not only carrying within it a powerful fire but also generating positive energy, positive metal, as a weapon.

Kang Hong Kian, a feng shui master in Indonesia, also has a similar opinion.

According to astrology, snake belongs to the palace of di, symbolizing travel and water is also a prosperous element for transportation and communication.

2013 in the prediction of the 'fortune teller'

Snakes made of pure gold in a store in China.

Regarding economic issues, according to Mr. Lo, the stock market will prosper this year because the fire element often drives the stock market.

But in the years that followed, the world economy somewhat fluctuated according to the rise and fall of water, land and wood.

This year’s strong fire energy creates a positive, optimistic mentality and causes buying volume to increase.

The year 2013 with the two elements water and fire is also predicted to be good for the earth and metal industries.

There are professions that are not very good that belong to Fire, such as energy and finance, because fire meets fire, bringing a lot of competition and too much heat.

Indonesian feng shui experts believe that the most prosperous fields related to earth are agriculture, finance, property and services.

In addition, according to Chinese medicine, water with yin properties symbolizes the kidneys and reproductive system.

Feng shui experts believe that feng shui energy changes from year to year, so they look at the distribution of that energy to predict favorable things and prepare for difficult ones.

Vu Ha