An activist prays for the unfortunate girl during a memorial service in Kolkata, India.

`Wake up, wake up,` the girl said.

The two arranged to meet at Select Citywalk, a modern fashion center.

A few hours later, the beaten, stripped and bloody couple were thrown from a private bus along a highway.

The Wall Street Journal reconstructed the details of her life and fateful day based on interviews with family and friends, including her boyfriend, a 28-year-old software engineer who also

Her family is originally from Ballia, rural state of Uttar Pradesh.

In her family from the farming class, she was the first person to go to school and have a promising future.

Initially, Biyita wanted to become a doctor but her father could not afford to pay tuition or find a suitable guarantor to borrow money from the bank.

She studies the afternoon shift, from noon to 5:00 p.m.

When she accumulated some money, the girl began to wonder what to spend it on.

Initially when she first entered the school, she was a very shy student, dressing simply.

However, money is always a problem that gives her headaches.

Gradually, the girl also paid more attention to fashion.

On December 16, the day of the attack, her whole family gathered at home.

That same evening, about 8 km away, in a slum of about 300 huts called Ravi Dass camp, two brothers, Ram and Mukesh Singh, were sipping wine and chicken at the table.

Vinay Sharma, a young man who works at a local gym with a salary of only 40 USD a month, and his friend Pawan Gupta also joined the group.

After getting a little drunk, the whole group, plus a guy and a minor, decided to `go out for fun` on the bus driven by Ram Singh.

The girl and her friend asked to be driven to Dwarka, near her home.

After a while, they started flirting with the girl with lewd words, leading to arguments and fights between the two sides.

The fateful day of an Indian girl being raped

People pass by the place where the girl and her boyfriend were thrown from the bus on the evening of December 16.

The couple was thrown out of the car naked and bleeding profusely.

Several people working in this area said two employees of a highway construction company were the first to arrive at the victims’ side, just after 10 p.m.

Sometime later, a 28-year-old hotel owner nearby passed by.

At the same time the girl was taken to Safdarjung hospital by the police, her family began to feel something unusual.

At around 11:15 p.m., the police called to inform them that the girl had had an accident.

On December 29, at a hospital in Singapore, a young girl with a bright future was waiting to breathe her last breath, after half a month of struggling with her fragile life.

Yesterday, five of the perpetrators who raped and murdered her appeared in court for the first time in New Delhi.

Mr. Ngoc